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Services at NB Therapy


Sessions are held in-person at my office in lower Manhattan or via Zoom.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

There are many reasons why people choose to come to therapy. Therapy is a judgment-free space that is entirely yours to explore your feelings, understand your patterns of behavior, and learn coping strategies that are tailored to your specific needs. I’m here to support you whether you’re seeking to address life transitions, stress management, body-image difficulties, work-related stress, interpersonal conflict, grief or any number of life’s challenges.

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples seek therapy for all sorts of reasons. Often couples feel disconnected to one another and find themselves constantly bickering, each feeling very much alone. Life stresses make it difficult to stay focused on connection without actively working on it. Utilizing various therapeutic modalities, I can help you and your partner learn how to better communicate your feelings toward one another so that your relationship is strengthened, and each partner feels less alone. Together we can increase relationship satisfaction that gives you both a happier, more gratifying relationship. 

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

If you’re worried about your child or there is some family conflict, family therapy may be a good option for you. Family therapy offers a safe environment where the family meets together to learn how to better communicate with one another, deepen connections and get through challenges more effectively. Together, I can help you build a happier and more peaceful home environment.   

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great option for those who feel alone in their struggle and wish to connect with others in similar situations. It can provide a safe environment for you to share your experiences and feel less isolated. I am currently accepting intakes for 2 groups:

a single-parent support group and an empty-nesters group. 

  • The single-parent support group focuses on parenting strategies and support for single parents. Together, we learn effective parenting strategies and gain support from other parents that helps decrease feelings of isolation when parenting. 

  • The empty-nesters support group focuses on providing support and connecting with others in the same life stage whose grown children no longer live at home. This group is a safe place to process feelings and support each other in identifying what's next after the children are no longer the primary focus. 

I am constantly assessing the needs of other groups that may be useful to my clients. If you are interested in these or other groups, please feel free to reach out. 

Individual Therapy with Nechama Bakst, LCSW-R
Couples Therapy with Nechama Bakst, LCSW-R
Family Therapy with Nechama Bakst, LCSW-R
Group Therapy with Nechama Bakst, LCSW-R
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