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Clinical Supervision and Consulting - Nechama Bakst, LCSW-R

Clinical supervision

Finding a clinical supervisor to help you better understand yourself and your work with your clients is invaluable. Whether you are in an agency or already in private practice, a clinical supervisor that you can connect with is an integral part of the treatment process. For more than a decade, I have supervised both social workers and mental health professionals to elevate their work with their clients. I understand the challenges that clinicians often face. I will work collaboratively to help you understand how to utilize your skills in support of your clients. As a licensed and approved clinical social worker in both New York and New Jersey, I’m able to sign off on supervision hours needed to obtain your LCSW. 

To discuss professional supervision and how I can help you, please contact me now.


Social workers are often brought in to consult in a business or agency environment. Whether you are striving to create a more supportive work environment, facing a company’s significant job loss, or helping to decrease stress and increase productivity and job satisfaction, I’m here to support you with your company goals. Together, I can help you create a healthy work environment, which will increase job effectiveness and employee satisfaction. 

For more information on consulting please contact me.

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